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Ways to make a donation:

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The Fund relies on the generosity of individuals, a lot of them within the profession, or theatregoers who make donations or legacies which allow The Trust to honour its fellow actors and actresses who are in need of support. Gifts in any form are very welcome, but there are two ways to make contributions to The Trust - with a little added help from the Taxman!


Thank You

We hope that you will decide that the King George V Fund for Actors and Actresses is worthy of your generosity, either now or in the future - and if so THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


1. Gift Aid

An individual who is a taxpayer is able to gift a sum of money to the Fund which is treated by the Inland Revenue as a payment net of basic rate income tax in the hands of the Charity. This means that the Charity can then reclaim the basic rate tax from the Inland Revenue which currently amounts to 25p for every £1 gift. 


2. Legacy

As we are Registered Charity, an individual can leave a legacy in their will to the Fund and that legacy will save Inheritance Tax (IHT) at 40% if the Estate is subject to IHT. This is a very painless way to help The Trust support its beneficiaries. A solicitor will always advise you on the drafting of a Will.





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